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We offer a virtual office for public
services based on Cisco Webex Meetings,
allowing citizens to receive their consultations
from the comfort of their homes.


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Virtual Office For Public Services Center

Enter any virtual office or make an appointment.


The Challenge

Going to the authorities is often challenging given the current situation

A quick drive to the relevant office in order to speak to a clerk has become more difficult during the Corona crisis due to the limited opening hours, the obligation to wear a mask and the long waiting times which has made a visit to the authorities anything but easy or convienient. Sadly, many things cannot be resolved by telephone such as looking at a construction plan or filling out a form.


The Solution

The virtual office for public services
based on Cisco Webex Meetings

The virtual citizens’ office offers video conferencing technology that allows citizens to receive their consultations even from the comfort of their homes.

The software solution, which is individually tailored to “municipalities”, enables citizens to get in touch with officials easily through a personalized 1:1 videoconference and to conduct their dealings with the authorities virtually. Through video the citizen can contact any registered department/subject area and any participating council member without having to physically enter the city hall. With Cisco Webex Meetings citizens can engage in a face to face dialogue as usual and even view and edit documents together.

Virtual Public Agencies Visit

Go to the website, look for the virtual office and with one click you can get in contact. Effective immediately, based on the latest video-conferencing technology, public agencies visit will be handled digitally via PC, laptop or smartphone.

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How it Works

Easy to use

At first, the citizen opens the homepage of the respective municipality, where he finds an overview of all areas with corresponding opening hours.

In addition they can also see if an office is open or if the official in charge is currently in the middle of an appointment. After selecting a specific area, such as the health department, the user can enter a virtual waiting area. This is similar to picking a number on site and then sitting down in the waiting room.

Once in the virtual waiting area, the citizen can also see how many people are ahead of him in the queue. As soon as the official in charge is free, the citizen is called into the virtual consultation room. The citizen now has many options at his or her disposal. Among other things, live consultation with the official, sharing documents or even filling out forms together is possible.

What is required for this? Not much. Just a laptop, PC or a smartphone is all that is required. There are no charges to the citizen.

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We support people with disabilities

With our solution, the need to visit public agencies is obsolete for people with disabilities who already have enough challenges to overcome in their everyday lives. For wheelchair users every staircase is an obstacle and for the deaf communication is usually a problem. With the SWS virtual office solution a visit to public agencies is conveniently done from home and, if needed, a sign language interpreter can be added at any time. Two of many everyday improvements for persons with disabilities.



Secure environment

Of course, the solution meets all requirements of the GDPR regulations in Europe as well as the highest security regulations.

This solution can be rolled out to all areas with customer/public agencies traffic – it doesn’t even have to be a public authority. It could also be used in health insurance companies, insurance companies, banks or any industry with customer traffic even after the Corona pandemic. Employees have control over who is allowed to join at any time. No one can simply enter into the virtual room without permission. They have to be let in and can be removed at any time just like they would in real world situations.


Endless possibilities

You can place a larger number of cards in one overview section or display a single card where appropriate.

  • Integrate any number of cards anywhere on your website
  • Choose from different sizes and display modes
  • Adapt card design to your visual appearance
  • Take advantage of integrated multilanguage support

Examples for customized integrations

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  • Size_ medium-1
  • Size - big-1
  • Size - micro
  • Colors-1
  • LRa rot.jpg
  • LRA Regensburg.jpg
  • LRa Regensburg Position.jpg

Use cases

Our solution can be used for every vertical with consulting or public services. For example a justice court can use this service for virtual hearings.

Use cases
  • Stay in touch with
    citizens digitally

  • No software
    installation necessary

  • Works with mobile
    and desktop devices

  • Free of charge
    for citizens

  • Expandable to an unlimited
    number of virtual offices

  • GDPR

  • Investment

  • Flexible deployment

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A paid Cisco Webex Meetings Account with Org ID. Free Webex Meeting Accounts unfortunately do not qualify.
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  4. As soon as we receive the onboarding document, we will create your instance within 2 Business Days.
  5. Our Support Team will contact you with more informations regarding Website Integration and How To´s.
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